Budget Eats for Students in Algarve

Algarve is one of the nice places in Portugal. There are a lot of things to enjoy there.  Rental24h Portugal under 21 car rental makes you freely roam around the place under the pretty sunshine by taking a walk or savor their delicious food in their best restaurants. If you are trying to look for a budget meal but desire to have a taste of their good food, there are plenty of budget meals they have. It is true that Algarve is famous for its local food.

Eating on a Student Budget

Students around Algarve are so delighted by these budget meals. Student loves anything as long as it’s a “budget something”. They are glad that even they are still students, no stable income yet to buy anything, still, they are able to enjoy the delicious they have.


Stopping by to eat is wise. It creates good memories with you and with that person you are with as you visit the place. There are a number of restaurants that offer budget eats for students in Algarve. These restaurants are as follows:

  • Rusty ‘co Bar e Restaurante – they have the best burger in the place. There is a homemade meal that is so affordable especially for students.


Grilling salmon


  • Vai e Volta – this restaurant offers affordable foods for students, too. They have their grilled fish. It is even considered as the best fish restaurant in the place. Because of its very affordable price, tourists love to eat here. Their place is just so simple but looks very clean and creative.


  • Ol’ Bastards – this is another fish restaurant that offers affordable prices for the menu. Their menus are simple but look well cooked. This place is famous for its OI Bastards fish. They also have a good quality of service from their crew.


  • Alef Burger Bar – this is a burger restaurant that also offers great meals at a very low price. Their burgers come with a fries. Their Vegan burgers are the best.


taro burger


  • Cafe Odeon – this restaurant also serves burgers. This is considered as a healthy restaurant since they offer some gluten-free meals. They have vegetarian menus, too.

General Budget Eating Advice

Aside from these restaurants mentioned above, there are still a number of other restaurants in Algarve that offer budget eats. Local restaurants attract many tourists because of the kind of the taste of their foods. They are also very accommodating. There is even an Eat-all-you-can restaurant, and that is a fish restaurant. Sardines are very common during summer. Most fish restaurants offer menus on sardines. There are also who serve chicken and quite impressive. Fish that are freshly caught are the healthier but it is just quite high the price.

Copenhagen Kebabs

It is not only the students who want to spend cheaper for food. It is not only them who wants to save more money. Tourists and other travelers also want to save more from their expenses. Wherever you go in Algarve, you will never miss the fun. You will surely enjoy especially with the food trips they have. Their food is just so addictive that you do not want to stop eating and stay there whole day just to eat.