Choosing the Right Convertible for Your Family Holiday Fun

There is nothing like holidaying in a sunny climate to blow the dull routine and cobwebs of everyday life away. And when it’s a road trip in that wonderful warm weather, what could be better than literally putting the top down on your Alamo rental car and feeling the wind blowing through your hair?

Make a convertible car your family holiday reality

What’s more, that holiday fantasy is open to everyone. It’s not just glamourous singles and pre-children couples, who can enjoy the fun and freedom of driving down the highway in a convertible car. If you find the right car rental company partner, whatever your needs, they will be able to find the convertible to meet your family’s road tripping requirements. For example, Rental24h has a wide selection of cars to choose from – and they have even taken the time to craft a list of recommendations to make car selection easier for you.

The Rental24h top four convertibles for family vacation fun:

Ford Mustang: When it comes to kid forward fun, the Ford Mustang is a great convertible to add to your list. While the back seat may be a little bit of a tight squeeze for adults, when two parents are enjoying the leg room up front the kids fit into the back just fine. What’s more, once you take the top down, who is noticing the smaller details? In terms of safety, Ford has thought ahead and ensured that the Mustang has two substantial anchor connectors for child car seats.

Mini Convertible: Now this is a fun car with superior handling! It will certainly turn your family vacation into high adventure on the open road. So, while the Mini Convertible may err on the small side when it comes to space to pack in loads of luggage, it does benefit from a back seat that easily accommodates kids – and maybe even the family dog too! Toddlers are probably not the focus of its functionality as there is only one rear-facing kiddie car seat connector, but the Mini Convertible is great for family road trip enjoyment with an older brood.

Chevrolet Camaro: Noted for its impressive acceleration and smooth driving experience, this muscle car also offers seats for four passengers. Being a convertible, the fact that the Camaro’s back seat is more of a mecca for children – and anything but for grown-ups – shouldn’t come as a surprise. Another feature is that there is space for two child safety seats in the back, and strong safety anchors to hold them.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class: Everyone loves the elegance and styling of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class convertible, after all what’s not to appreciate about a luxury car. Your children will revel in the chance to cruise along the highway in this classy convertible car. There is good space allocated to fit a family of four and while this vehicle may price out at the top-end of the Rental24h range, for a road trip splurge, it’s well worth the extra dollars!

So, the jury is in. Just because yours is a family holiday, doesn’t mean you have to be relegated to a sedate sedan or mini-van. The ultimate family convertible car is well within your reach and you don’t even have to spend too much time wondering what car to choose. Take another look at the Rental24h convertible reviews and make your family road trip dreams a reality today.